About Me

This is my obligatory about-me page.

I see all websites have them and decided to conform to the industry standard so that my website too can be loved by millions. That and the fact that I really do love talking about myself, but then again who doesn't? If you can't love yourself how can you expect others to?

Enough of the generics, I'm going to try and describe myself  in as many words as I want. I will write them under each other so that it takes up more space, and that way it seems like I have really thought about what I'm writing:

Simple Minded
and not Creative at all.

You might think that writing is creativity, and I won't argue, but sometimes I wish I could draw, it always looks so elegant, and then you can look like an artist and back it up with drawings. you can't look like a total bum and say, oh I'm a writer.

Well that's it for now, I will update when I can think of more stuff to write here, until then, goodbye.