Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Duck Hunting

In lieu of the recent spate of people that think pouting is the sexiest thing since tiger print clothing, hair buns and chap-less briefs, a dear friend of mine shared a picture with me which inspired a new game. A new era for the anti-pouters, where revenge and public humiliation can be brought upon those that have taken part in the sacrilegious event.

It has been dubbed 'duck hunting'. Let me explain, it's actually quite simple, when you pout your lips look like a ducks beak. Therefore you look like a duck, and we are duck hunters. So you go to the photo on Facebook and type 'BANG' as a comment, make a screenshot and add it to the duck hunting group on Facebook, the place where the ducks get shamed, and a place for you to brag with your trophy catch.

It might seem like a cruel and inhumane sport, saying all the hunters have an unfair advantage, and we do, but we do also have rules.
-          The photo must be on the internet, you cannot upload one to mock
-          Adding the trophy to the group so the duck knows what’s going on
-          Ducks can also hunt other ducks – fair game

Ok, so our rules aren’t very good, but at least we have some. So now stop reading, put on your hunting boots, strap that shotgun to the back window of your pick up truck, and get out your duck whistle, because hunting season is open.

Facebook group --> click here

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