Friday, February 10, 2012

Chronicle : The Movie

Every now and then I seem to strike it lucky, and this streak has hit yet again. I recently got tickets to go watch the premiere of Chronicle, hosted by the one and only Garth cliff. So I'm just going to give you all a slight review of the movie.

Well, firstly it starts with this kid who buys a camera and starts recording everything he does. Immediately I thought “ugh, another Blair witch project.” Kid with a camera, the whole movie is going to be shot in the first person, great.

I was however pleasantly surprised, turns out the kids get superpowers, and then the movie becomes more of a documentary of these kids lives from the 3rd person. It’s difficult to describe without giving too much away.

Even though it was a little bit predictable, I am very easily swayed by movies that feature super powers. I'd say, that if you have some free time go check it out, but don't worry if you miss it on the big screen, it's one of those movies that it doesn't matter where you watch it.

If however you are a superpower aficionado then you need to get out there and watch that thing. It’s one of the better super power movies, and a definite unique idea. Nice thing is, there are no famous actors, there was no massive hype and there are no dumb Americans.

By the way, check out the advertising campaign that they used to promote the movie. It will however make a lot more sense to you after watching the movie.

Thanks to Gareth and EishCoupon for the awesome evening though.

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