Monday, February 6, 2012

Children trapped in Adult Bodies

In every movie, book or computer shop there will always be that stereotypical guy that is still a kid on the inside, and acts on those impulses all the time. And yes many people have said that men never grow up, we age, look older, and can act better in society, but on the inside we are all still children, and I’m in no position to argue that statement.

As I said before I take any chance I can get to unleash the child inside. Light-sabres’ in toy shops, free rides on theme parks thrillers, foofy slides, and anything else that would be considered childish. But recently I have come into some knowledge that is very well hidden by the female population. I was allowed, for just a moment, to peer into their world.

What I found was startling to me, something so out there, that even by me telling you might blow that tiny little brain of yours. Women, no matter how old or well-groomed they are, are still teenage girls at heart. You remember those insecure, bratty, bitchy and just all around irritating little 12 year olds.

They are still jealous of other girls, they are still trying to show up everyone, and they believe that people can be stolen. It’s just insane the amount of teenager they have left in them. When you are twelve it’s cute and acceptable to be that way, but when you are an adult it could basically be classified as sociopathic and maybe even neurotic tendencies.

Ladies, the time has come for you to stop judging men for being open and honest about our insides and grow up. Not all men are just waiting for a girl that he can cheat on you with. You can have as many friends as you want, and we like it when you say what you want, not having us play a guessing game, and always get it wrong.

At the risk of sounding silly, and diminishing men everywhere, men are kind of like dogs, playful, loyal, and oblivious to the actual meaning of what you say.

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