Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The high life

A place where you imagine the streets are made of gold and the clouds are just big marshmallows in the sky. All the houses are circled with white picket fences and have some kid’s toys lying in the front yard. All the people are cheery and happy, and everyone greets each other. The paper boy rides around on his red bicycle throwing the newspaper directly onto everyone’s doorsteps.

In the perfect world this seems quite possible, or in any Hollywood blockbuster production, but in real life it really doesn't work out that way. Life isn't all sunshine, roses and candyfloss, it's more like bubble-gum on a hot tar road, weeds and cigarette butts. Today’s view of optimal living is to have a job where you act like a douche to get ahead, buy things that you don't really want so you won't feel left out.

Wear clothes you don't really like to impress girls that only like you because you're not really a douche and you hate what you are wearing. Then you go home to your automated house (okay that part is pretty cool ) with 12 foot walls and electric fencing, alarm systems with armed response and zone alarms. Then you put on your over-priced silk sleep wear and get into your orthopaedic bed that can massage you; only to lie in bed thinking about how you would like to search for who you really are.

Inspired you wake up ready for another day of pretending to be someone else. Then you order a book online so that someone else can tell you what you've known all along. You will read it and think “Nah that book wasn't really meant for me, I know who I am.” Only to let the next three months blaze past you in a fury of work, corporate fascism, irrelevant deadlines, immorality and fake frenzy.

6 years pass and when you look back you wonder “How did i get here? How did I live so outrageously that I am still paying off my debt and that I am at my lowest point? Why didn't I just accept myself for who I am? Get a girl that likes the me that wears orange and purple together, not because it's pretty but because it's comfortable and why didn't I rather invest what I had instead of blowing it on useless, fruitless items?”

The flashy car is gone, the house with the safety of fort Knox and the bed, oh how I miss the bed. And wait, why is there a monkey in the room. Hello monkey, why do you have people arms and why oh why silly monkey are you wearing shoes? You are a monkey, you don't need shoes. Where did you come from? How did you get here? Are you a space monkey? I don’t see a spaceship?

Wait what was i talking about? I'll remember later, and if I don’t remember, it couldn’t have been that important, I suppose, I hope, wait what am I talking about? Hey look, a monkey.

Ladies and gentlemen, I demonstrate to you, the effects of weed, marijuana, cannabis, pot, ganja, aunt mary, left handed tobacco, marley flower, broccoli, joint, hemp, reefer, texas tea, herbal tea, Swazi gold or whatever other name you can think of. Masters of the universe, but only for a moment.

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