Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs has inevitably lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. In a world where everyone is going to die, it is still sad to see someone as bright as Mr Jobs leave at such an early age, and in such a horrible way.

If you go and read up on Steve jobs you will find lots of interesting things about him that if you weren't a geek you wouldn't know. He co-founded apple in a garage, where him and Steve Wozniak developed the very first apple i. It was well received and very soon he was rushing production of the apple mac.

Since then he envisioned easy to use computers with no need for separate towers and screens. Operating systems that don't need a degree to understand and simplicity of use. He also revolutionized the cellphone market with the very first easy to use fruity i-phone.

Then in an even crazier moment unveiled the ipad which changed the whole market again, with hundreds of fakes, replica's, similar items and copy cats. Everyone always talks about the bandwagon that everybody hops onto very eagerly. Steve jobs was the guy that created the bandwagons.

Still not convinced? The mouse you are using to scroll through this article? Steve Jobs was the first person to see the potential in the mouse for the computer and also for the graphics user interface. He is also responsible iTunes, the first digital music store in the world. The only place where you didn’t have to go out to look for the music you want.

Right, now you are saying yeah but he had apple backing him the whole way. Not true, in ’85 he lost a battle with the apple board and was ousted and then started a company called neXt. He also started a company called Pixar animation, which you will know was responsible for all the toy stories, and most cutting edge Computer animated movies.

Next was bought out by apple, making him the CEO of apple, yet again, and pixar was bought out by Disney, putting jobs on the board of directors and making him the single largest private share holder at Disney. So yes, an extraordinary man has today left a world which needs more people like him. More visionaries, more thinkers, and doers.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. - Steve Jobs


  1. and he liked black polar necks

  2. and funny glasses, his glasses were the equivalent of Donald trumps hair

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