Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The apple cult

Last night apple upset the whole world when they didn't announce something that they didn't say they were going to launch, but it was something the whole world wanted to bad that they started believing their own hype.

And as human nature dictates if you don't give the masses what they want they will retaliate, like children on a playground. Apple stocks dropped with 5percent after the announcement that there is a new phone called the iphone4s and not called the iphone5.

Oh no, the badge is all wrong! All the people see is the number slapped on the front. In reality it is quite a big upgrade. It sees the phone getting a dual core processor, better battery, new OS, new camera, better video recording, better network speeds and a very intuitive natural voice recognition program called siri.

As far as upgrades go the only thing they didn't change was the screen. So then why all the fuss? And the problem lies with one of their board members. His name is Al Gore. Maybe the most successful hype creator in the world at the moment. If you don't know who he is it doesn't matter, because you will have heard of the hype he made.

He is responsible for global warning. Well not responsible but he created the problem. As did he when he said that apple will be releasing their new phones on October 4th. Instead of taking it as a mispronunciation, fanatics all around the world created hype from it.

I say good on you apple, for not giving in to peer pressure, or world pressure and sticking by your guns. Also I think it’s the start of a good thing for Mr Cook. He isn’t as soft as people thought he will be.

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