Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The world according to America

America is the greatest country in the world, we have all the super-powers, if we have sadness the world must be sad. We set the standards for first world countries, we control wall street and the world economy as a whole. And football is played with an elliptically shaped ball.

This is possibly what they think but in essence, all that americans are, could be compared to the Hindenburg. The Hindenburg was an amazing, and almost unachievable idea that was converted to a real life object, and Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin thought it revolutionize travel.

He had the idea for many years, and in 37 seconds his whole dream was crushed. America in a similar fashion for many years have thought they are the best , and in the space of the last 5 years they started to see their dream being destroyed.

Americans somehow got it into their heads that Canada is stupid, the rest of the world can’t do anything that they can, they go against the grain with anything they possibly can. like the great football debacle.

For some reason America couldn’t compete in normal sports, so they modify them a little, give them a different name and then only they participate. Like football, or baseball. Very proprietary to America, but they are happy because if only they play it then they must be the best in the world.

Sadly most americans suffer from this superiority complex. it is probably the source of their stupidity, the reason why they think they are better than everyone else. One day their lack of education and superiority is all going to collapse on them.

And that day will be a glorious day for the world, a day that will be commemorated around the whole world, as non America day. The day America realised they are a bunch of fat, lazy, illiterate, uneducated, degenerate nation with inbred families and a bad singers. 

This is an actual book - I own it  - and you should too


  1. umadbro? Ye...yumad. USA#1

  2. haha i love this, im from Scotland. great job but im afraid no american will bother to read it, well can't read it and if they had the chance to wactch it ont v or something they probably would just kill 26 kids and a few teahers in a school, fucking morons...

    1. I'm American and I read this article. I'm guessing that makes me part of the minority of geniuses in America. But I don't think you realize that you just pinned the killing of many innocent children on an entire nation. I agree that many ideas, people, and things in America are absurd but if you are living there that does not make you a "f***ing moron". You should think before you open your mouth. People have become so numb to what they are saying these days...

  3. haha classic americans, i dont think they can really be helped we just have to wait until they lead in to their own destructon

  4. Anonymous stupidity - really ignorant inbreds are ones who slam a whole country for the actions of the FEW Little tard boY!