Friday, September 2, 2011

US debt crisis

We have all heard the rumours about a second worldly recession and that it’s the downfall of the global market. Some conspirators even think it is the end of the global monetary system as we know it, and that the world will be moving over the NWO soon.

Now I don’t mind listening to all of this, supernatural and sci-fi things entertain me. I also like to hear about conspiracies and how then governments are playing us like puppets, but that would imply that they have some form of grey matter, and that thought is one I cannot entertain.

Right, back to the topic. So the US in in this massive debt crisis and have had to bail out the banks twice. All part of the grand scheme where they lend money to the hicks who play Farmville all day and never get a real job to pay off the loans, so the banks make it easier and charge only 1% interest.

All in the mean while creating so much debt that the “WHOLE WORLD”(usa) is in a crisis. The world clearly defines the us-of-a as a first world country, and south Africa as an ‘Emerging third world country’ which means that by all rights we should be riding hyenas to work and living in little tin houses next to the road.

Yes there is some of that, but how is it that through both recessions south Africa has barely been touched by the world crisis. And the answer is a really simple one. We aren’t stupid. We are careful with what we have. We have ridiculous interest rates that make you weary of creating debt, and we had a president who knew about demographics.

He knew that a coloured man is the best person to appoint as the Minister of Finance for South African. Coloured men and indian men, even more than jews, do not like money leaving their pockets. So he looked at the world market and said, no ways, something fishy is happening, and curbed all our spending. 

That way protecting us mostly from the crisis. Mr Trevor Manuel is a smart man who happily suffers from T-rex syndrome. He has short arms and deep pockets (that was stolen from a friend). My actual final thought is this, if the americans think they are so smart then why on earth are the knee deep in financial poo?

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