Monday, September 19, 2011


Or at least that’s how I think it is spelled, anyway these were those little plastic things that had fake pets built in to them that you had to look after, it was the bane of most parents existence, but I suppose was a good way to keep the kids busy.

A recent incident in my life has inspired this, and well I think it’s pretty hilarious that these things are still around, now you can actually just download them as an app on your phone and look after it like that, no more little plastic monster that gets lost.

And it has all the functionality and more of the best ones from the early 90’s. Natural progression I suppose, but it got me thinking about how these things like many others, were a flash in the pan. It was all the hype the one day and the next all the kids were abandoning their pets that they had kept alive for so long.

Much like laser pointers, n*sync, the backstreetboys, and blur. Ok those are mostly bands and not inanimate objects, but still just a flash in the pan, wham they were anything people could talk about, everyone wanted one, and then then next day they were forgotten like a bad rash.

I really hope that in this day in age things could still I’ve up to the level of fragility that was experienced back then. Things like Justin bieber, shorty-shorts for guys, hipsters, American “superiority” and ssangyongs. If you don’t know what that is, I envy you, as something that has been seen cannot be unseen.
And if your mind has never had to comprehend the disturbingly bad design of a ssangyong then you have a head start in the world. Congratulations to you.

Please note I haven't blurred the photo, or changed the colour of the sky, but the universe has decided that the car is so hideous that your eyes will squint when you look at a picture of it, it really is that ugly.

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