Thursday, September 1, 2011


Spring is a very interesting thing. It's always the same. It bounces back every time and no matter how hard you squeeze it will always retaliate with the same amount of force.

By now you should have realised that I'm talking about a physical spring. They are such wonders of science and are a marvel of the modern world. Even though it was developed many many years ago, it still gets used in everyday life. Actually it is quite astounding, the amount of places where springs get used.

Garage doors, watches, kids toys, cars and even in appliances. They are almost as useful and progressive as magnets; Even though magnets are far superior to any other device made by man. Magnets provide the fastest trains in the world. They make the most secure door locks. They even provide entertainment and rides at theme parks.

How is it that man could have developed such amazing items, and the answer is really simple. We didn't. These items are inspired by nature. They have been crafted by ideas stolen from nature, or crudely extracted out of the depths of the earth, just for our entertainment.

And I’m ok with this, because life without magnets would be like a TV without reception. Pointless. Or like having a car with no wheels, basically no good. So yes it’s a crude process but it provides us with all our nifty creature comforts.

So stop celebrating a day that happens without fail, that comes around every year and doesn’t provide any social value and rather celebrate real springs.

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