Tuesday, September 6, 2011


A tool often used by people. Very Well known for its condescending tones and ambiguity. Also serves as a valid mechanism for fighting and warding off herds of stupid people. Also known for its comic use and is funnier when not understood.

It is very effective when used on people with lower than normal IQ’s, and they think you are actually serious about what you are saying. Yes I love those shoes, or wow that jacket really is puffy. They think they are getting a compliment, but actually it is the ultimate form of unknowing condescension.

Yet it is so entertaining. As a fighting mechanism, it is very nasty and underhanded but it works so well. Some people will argue that sarcasm is the lowest form of whit, but those are just the people that cannot grasp the concept of lies vs. illusions.

Actually it’s almost like magic. You have to be able to keep a straight face while perform something similar to a slight of hand, kind of like a slight of mouth. So in essence, everyone that doesn’t like sarcasm, are like bad magicians.

Whereas the rest of us that excel at it are like the amazing Vegas magicians which can perform magical wonders that will entice the mind of the unknowing and sometimes even be wonder other good magicians in the nearby area.

So for your next task, go learn to be sarcastic, a master of the magical art of bedazzling the masses with you tricks and making everyone stare upon your prowess and skill. 

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