Friday, September 23, 2011

Photos revised

I know I wrote about that person at parties that just clicks away and has no regard for stealing anyone’s soul through the lens of the camera but I have had a partial change of heart.

By saying that it doesn't mean I approve of the one million photo mark that everyone seems to try and achieve, but I have found a love for old, dated film photos. They are so easy to look at, and when you do it's kind of like you appreciate what you are seeing. Like you know how much effort was put into it.

I looked at these photos of my family and I really enjoyed seeing how they used to live. How inaccessible everything was. Roads were two thin strips of tar. When there was oncoming traffic you moved over for each other. Telephones were a luxury and houses were just functional and not architectural masterpieces.

Cars were classic. They were attributed to an era that shaped the future for designing cars. Then there are the photos of all the events. Where photos are well planned and thought out carefully. All the men are wearing suits because that's how gentlemen roll and there is none of this jeans with a t-shirt to an anniversary party slacker attitude that has developed over the years.

Everything was just more elegant, eloquent and dapper back then. Man some days I wish I could live in that era for a few days. No TV, cell phones or destructive news bulletins about politicians singing about how they want to kill white people, or wars that have been declared, or global recessions and terrible house markets.

Just the simple life, where cars cost R100 and 5c can still buy you a meal. Where all you needed was family and a board game to be happy. Sometimes just switch on the ‘draadloos’ and listen to some classic jazz, with none of this new age hippie crap.

*All the credit for the photos goes to my uncle who loves genealogy.

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