Monday, September 5, 2011

Mr Stalker

All of us have a little bit of stalker in us. We are all very inquisitive and want to know what is happening around us, and to the people closest to us. Facebook has also made it very easy to be a stalker without even leaving your chair.

So yes, we have all done it. That girl you hate or guy that you wish was yours. But then you get the really creepy one's. The ones that set up profiles with fake names to add people and spy. The ones that still do the old school hiding in the bush with a pair of binoculars method, which in itself is a very creepy act.

It’s almost like that man you always see in movies, with a long trench-coat, a thin moustache, a really bad oily hairstyle, and those thin rimmed glasses. The kind of that would drive a van with a sticker on the side that says free candy.

Ok that’s a bit hectic, but I just went to the bathroom and this guy stared at me as if he was going to wait for me to leave and then collect my DNA from the toilet and then do some secret magic voodoo on me.

He really is a creepy man, I have seen him before and he wears blue gloves when he goes to urinate. He is actually a dermatologist, but he is as creepy as IT was in 1988, the clown that is. That thing was terrible in the 80’s.

Everybodies worst nightmare. 

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