Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mark Esterhuysen - Best resignation letter ever?

So everybody has probably heard about Mark, a modest co-anchor on 702 talk radio, who while presenting the news at 01h00 yesterday morning, he dropped the F-bomb into his rehearsed speech prepared for his resignation from talk 702. He actually used it 13 times in less than 40 seconds, on national radio.

Many suspect this is just a publicity stunt, others believe he should have kept it to himself. Whatever the reason it is a very bold move, and could either be career suicide, or the best career move ever, but one thing is sure, he didn't settle for just average.

Here is the transcript for the conversation:

”F*** racism. F*** the pigs who killed Andries Tatane (a protestor from Ficksburg in the Free State province who was killed at the hands of police officers during a service delivery protest). F*** the AWB. F*** racism. We are all wild animals here, meant to live free. F*** capitalism. F*** fascism. F*** this f***ing wage slavery, graveyard sh*t. F*** domestication. F*** (Julias) Malema. F*** the state. F*** the petrol [in audible]... This is the only f***ing planet we have.”

Also here are links to his Twitter Account -!/MarkEsterhuysen and his blog -

Here is the outtake from his grand resignation -

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