Monday, September 12, 2011

Jumping castles and aeroplanes

Sounds like the title to a song that some sad women would sing. Then she would get all sad and depressed about the song. But it isn’t a song. Actually its just the title to my article.

An article that’s actually just about jumping castles. I had the great pleasure of jumping on one again this weekend and it is very tiring, very exciting and it gives you awesome burn marks that you can brag with afterwards.

I found myself waiting for the kids to be bored with it so that I can start jumping, because really, if I had to jump with them I would bounce them all off! So I did the decent thing and waited. Then when they were bored with it, and very hot and bothered I took my chance.

Shoes off, everything out of my pockets, and up I went. I was summersaulting all over the place, jumping over little blown up walls, through little holes, over the tops, practically fell off a few times, bust up my ankles, plastic burns everywhere.

Partial whiplash and I got tackled by this other random guy that joined in. yet you get off with the strength of a kid, not feeling any of the pain, just all the excitement. Don’t be fooled by this. The next day it will come back to haunt you if you are over the age of 6.

All in all its worth it. Done let any opportunity for fun pass you by. Life is the longest thing you will ever do, don’t waste it being boring.

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