Friday, September 9, 2011


The best days  of the week are Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, because yes it is partially weekend on Friday, but because of the little holiday you get, the whole atmosphere changes in the workplace, everyone is happier, and probably totally useless with productivity.

Things change when people know a holiday is nearby, the same also applies to public holidays, the mood is lighter and the jokes flow a lot more freely. But then you will find this one a-hole that decides his work needs to be done on Friday.

This guy won’t let it slide till Monday, he will be on your case the whole day to get his special amazing work done, work that is so important the whole company might stop working if his printer doesn’t work.

This blog entry serves as a special note to you mister ‘I’m important and I need my special requests done asap, urgent, with some extra speed because the world relies on me to print this piece of paper for NATO and I blah blah blah couldn’t care less what you were doing because I’m amazing and should be handled with the correct decency!’

You sir, deserve nothing more than an internet punch to the face, a slap on the wrist and gigantic poop on your cars bonnet. You are not deserving of special service and you aren’t as important as you think you are.
Life will continue with or without you.

Thank you,

Kind regards
Every IT person in the world.

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