Wednesday, August 3, 2011


While reading some or other generic kid’s story book there is always mention of a troll that is evil and is trying to steal the princess away from the prince so that it can upset the balance of good and evil.

If you asked anyone in 2005 what a troll was, that's what they would say. But as with most things in life that has changed. If you ask any internet savvy person today or even Google what a troll is, their answer would not include fairy tales. It would include the words art, science and sport in the new definition.

You see trolling is the art of finding an opportunity to bluff someone with anything. It's the science of knowing what to say at the correct time so that it stays believable but is totally sarcastic and fake, and it's a sport, because you have to practice to get better at it, there are results, you could win or lose and it is very competitive.

That is trolling someone who has already posed a question or opened an opportunity. Another type of trolling is the kind where you put a comment or question out into the open wild internet in order to get responses and to troll people. Intentionally making a provocative statement to generate results.

Trolling is indeed a fun sport to play and often gets you into an odd predicament but is always fun nonetheless. If you aren’t familiar, look around you, keep your eye on Facebook statuses. If you see someone commenting about something they have no idea about, troll them by “helping” them with incorrect info.

Be careful though, as with all sports, it is very addictive and could drive you to drug usage. Remember folks, only athletes need drugs.

The Face associated with Internet Trolls

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