Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Just as I thought the South African government has sucked all that they can out of us they come up with new innovative ways to take our hard earned Jew gold and pocket it for themselves.

Never have I thought the government would get over apartheid, but I did think they would stop oppression and racism. Then I hear the arch-bishop has told government they should tax white people who benefited from apartheid.

They are going to look at this idea and think, Wow why didn't we do this long ago. Besides what advantage could anyone have? It's been 17 years since the apartheid era finished. People have to discriminate against colour by law now for jobs.

The taxman isn't going to give up though. They take tax off your salary, tax for driving a car, tax you for driving that car on the road, tax on fuel, tax on bonuses, tax on prizes won, and now tax because I'm white and was born pre'94. 

That's all ok though if only it wasn't used to line the fat cats pockets, and buy them new cars and 16million rand houses while other people suffer in informal settlements. Maybe the tax money should be used to weed out corruption, bribery and fraud. And then the accused should pay more tax for ever because they tried to screw the system.

But no, it's too much effort. They just give up and take the easy way out.

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