Thursday, August 25, 2011


Today's post is somewhat aimed at myself but also to everyone out there that has ever unwillingly and unknowingly done something stupid and inflicted damage to your person and possibly your ego.

With that description you should all have thought of something. That time you tried to jump over that wall, but your foot got hooked and you ended up going over the wall face first into the ground, or that time you were just walking chatting to a girl and then tripped over your own feet.

Or throwing a hard sweet into the air as high as you can and then planning on catching it with your mouth to impress your friends, only to slightly miscalculate and have it go into your mouth through one of your precious and beloved front teeth.

Only one of those happened to me personally but I've seen the rest happen. Why do we do these silly things to ourselves? Really it's quite a simple answer, firstly we enjoy impressing other people, secondly it's a lot of fun and lastly we are just plain old human beings, dumb little homo-sapiens.

The problem with these are this, once it's happened to you, you feel like the dumbest person alive. As if the whole world just saw the dumb thing you did, even if you are alone. It's still that feeling of hitting rock bottom and it feels like you will never recover, but actually it's just till the next guy does something, then you are not at the bottom anymore.

So if you have recently done something that you are still regretting then you need to learn to the very valuable and useful skill of instigating. The more probability of mistakes you create the better chance there is that someone else will take the reins of being number one dummy.

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