Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rubber necker

You are stuck on the highway because some idiot pulled a bad ass stunt which went wrong and smashed up four cars, blocking the highway for all the other responsible drivers just trying to make their daily commute.

The emergency medical teams and vultures (tow trucks) race to the scene and start helping all the people and clearing everything up. But alas there are pieces of car everywhere and it takes a while to clean, while traffic just backs up and gets worse.

Then after a lot of hard work they re-open the road so that people can start driving again, but what do they do? They drive extra slow just so they might catch a glimpse of what happened or a body or for who knows what other reasons. Often they are so intrigued at what they are seeing that they are looking backwards to see if they can spot something.

Hence the title. Now I understand that everyone is curious and wants to know what happened, but don't slow down traffic to a dead halt to curb your curiosity. Doesn't matter how hard you stare at the smashed car you aren't going to get any info from it. Secondly if you really are that inquisitive, go volunteer at your local fire station.

They are always looking for extra hands and that way at least you will be helping. You will get to see all the accidents up close and you can close the road yourself. Now stop being so useless and use the highway for what it was meant. Driving quick.

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