Thursday, August 18, 2011

My almost inappropriate love of a microwave

I know many studies have been done and it's been tested over and over and everyone says microwaves are bad; they give you cancer and all that jazz.

Despite that I really love my microwave, actually any microwave. They are easy to use, they heat things up really quickly and they have buttons, what's not to like? If anything is a bit cold or not defrosted yet then the microwave is the simplest method of warming it up.

It can heat up, defrost, cook and bake. You just don't get versatility like that anymore. Everything lately is all eco-friendly, green, organic and environmentally safe. Some very smart marketing department came up with this appeal to everybody's inner need to do good with as little effort possible.

Now I just get to pay fifty percent more for ‘green,organic’ items and then I've done my bit for society and nature. Yeah right, those things aren't managed, so some back yard hick ‘git her done’ farmer sells meat, he puts a price on the normal stuff and then marks the organic stuff up  fifty percent and makes a killing, but it's same thing.

If you really want to do something for nature plant a tree or something. Organic doesn't taste better, you just believe it does because you paid an arm and a leg for it. Stop being so naive and spend your money on something that matters. Like a microwave, or uncapped internet, not food that is possible grown in soil with more manure, and labelled with a fake logo. 

Looks Legit ?!?

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