Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Musical rant #2.

Previously I have discussed how music has changed in the world, but since then it seems to have taken a turn for worse on the radio but a little bit of an upturn in the unfound underground bands. 

Firstly the low. Radio has gone one step further in destroying music by putting Rebecca on every Friday without fail. Justin is on daily and most new songs have a recurring theme. This has always been the case with music except that the themes weren't totally ludicrous and unfathomable.

If you listen to any top 10 on the radio today you will hear the following themes:

*someone who expects everyone to just give him money
*someone who still thinks auto-tuning is the way of the future
*a song that has a repetitive rave beat in the background
*songs that cater for people who stutter
*singers who repeat one word over and over to imply great emphasis on what they are singing (usually words like p-p-p-party or champagne showers)

Although with all of that around there are still a few gems that somehow still cracked it in this very tough and depressing music industry. They are still pure sounds and aren't following the latest music rave trends. And it sure does warm the cockles of my heart. Just for reference these are some bands that are certified and approved by the best music aficionado I know (click here to visit his blog which has nothing to do with music).

*the pixies
*the bones
*electric six
*darker my love
*nada surf
*social distortion
*yeah yeah yeahs
*we are scientists
*viva voce
*wolf gang
*foster the people
*royal bangs
*barton fink
*a home. A heart. Whatever
*ball park music

If you want to listen to some good music that won’t make your ears bleed at the core, then these are bands cd’s that you should “go out and buy” or “pay for legally at an e-store”. Don’t be a conformist or an embracer of change for the worse, rather put up a fight against the p’s, biebers and pitbulls of the world.

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