Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Men and women are not equal

No I don't think men and women were created as equals and I don't think that having one or two examples can justify women who say they are.

First and foremost, appearance. Women are very different from men, they are the fairer sex and they have a lot more natural beauty than men. Also men and women have different parts, so if you think they are equal then just open your eyes.

Then secondly, women are naturally better caregivers than men. They are nurturers by nature, they know how to care for the ones they love and in some religions it is believed that the man is the spiritual leader in the house but the children get their religious views from the mother.

Women are better at looking after things and taking care or necessities in the house. Men on the other hand are natural hunters, the breadwinners in the home. We are built to be physically more able to do work. We can take more strain and move heavier things.

If you disagree then why, for example, in sport do men and women compete separately? Because in the purest form of being at your physical peak men are better. Women can handle more pain than men and can apparently do multiple things at once.

Ultimately, if you are a woman in the workplace eventually you will abandon it to do what women were meant to do. Have children and be their primary caretaker. There is a reason women get five months maternity leave and men only get three days paternity leave.

There you have it. Just like the cave people did it is what still happens today. Women are caregivers and men are hunters. No argument. We don't want you to be equal we want you to be women, so stop trying so damn hard.


  1. It's not about what you want though. Some of us hate kids and want every opportunity in life (and the workplace) that men are already given. I will not be defined by what I was born with physically, the content of my character should be enough.

  2. Really? So to quote you "I will not be defined by what I was born with physically". Does that mean you take men out for dinner and pay? Do you take your jersey off and give it to a man when he is getting cold? Do you flirt to get stuff you want from men? Do you call it sexism in the workplace when men get ahead, but when they have to pay you call it chivalry? You don't have a choice, you are defined by what you were physically born with, if you were born with no legs you would be defined as someone who won't be the national walking champion. If you were born blind you can never be a spotter for a sniper. Hence if you are born a woman, you get defined by it, you cannot change it. Embrace what you have, because fighting it will get you nowhere.

  3. Holy shit. Nice try supporting your claims with opinions (fallacies). You even got a lot of these stereotypes wrong (women are supposedly better at multi-tasking). In the Olympics, "genetic" men (in your case, X and Y chromosomes) can compete with women if they are afflicted with klinefelter's. Aside from that, "what women were meant to do" is not bear young. That's what ovaries in essence are for, not women (human beings able to make decisions and plan out their lives w/out children). I don't know what to tell you... do your research before making [sexist] generalizations? It's almost like you just turn a blind eye to factual support and evidence.