Friday, August 19, 2011

Little thing

In life it really is the little things that get people the most excited. For instance a friend has these massive servers and the whole of linux at his disposal, yet we get excited for a plugin that notifies you on gtalk. Wow maximum geek engaged.

Ok let me try something more worldly, my phone got a firmware update this morning, and I’m so super excited, like a kid the day before Christmas. Ok that was another horrible example. When someone else pays for an awesome lunch.

Or when you get your regular cup of coffee every morning, but on a morning that you really need it, when you are extremely tired, and then it does wonders. Or getting a new gadget to play with. Maybe completing a 5km run, to a marathon runner its nothing, but to you it’s a big deal.

Losing that extra weight, fitting into ‘those’ jeans, completing that project, stealing that thing, telling that special someone, saying no, shaving off all your hair or finally getting to the gym, they are all small things to someone, but when you do it yourself, it means the world.

On the flip-side, they also irritate you the most, someone ignoring you, some retard in his M3 pushing in the traffic queue because he thinks he is special and better than everyone else, having something stolen from you, etc. all the little things are what matter.

The small things are just as important as the rest, and will give you gratitude more often. You will hear people say small things amuse small minds, they are just sad and lonely, forever alone. Don’t listen to them, they are the irritating small things I was referring to.

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