Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm back + knives

Sorry for the one week time out. I could give you some sorry excuse saying I needed time to myself or I really needed to regain my thoughts.

But those are all lies. I was sick, there were public holidays and I had very limited internet access. So there, now on to my topic, Knives. I've always loved them. The way they can cut anything and How they can be a cooking utensil or a killing machine.

When I was younger I would get a knife and then play with it till it was basically a piece of steel so blunt that the handle was sharper. I would cut anything I could find, I would throw it at planks or anything, even the ground if I couldn't find anything else and I would try to get it to peg into it every time.

And yes I was always careful with them but just yesterday in a shop I saw a knife that I didn't think would be too sharp and like a total retard tested it on my thumb, I stroked it down and thought 'ha this thing isn't that sharp' then I did it in reverse.

I could feel the serration cutting into my flesh, that feeling of an organ being ripped in two, my skin came alive, and it didn't approve of what i was doing to it, it was happening in slow motion yet I couldn’t stop my finger quick enough. So now I have this cut on my thumb where the fingerprints are and it sucks. It feels like I use it for every single thing I do, because it's just in the way all the time.

If I want to pull up my pants, if I want to grab something, if I want to move myself, or put on a shoe. Basically my left hand is very useful, I thought it was a useless limb, but alas, it is not. Not only those activities, but showering becomes a dodging fire experience.

Ok enough complaining, it’s actually just a little cut on an inconvenient spot. Next time I won’t test the knife on my fingers. I promise.

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