Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A horrible sound

Every now and then everybody is subjected to a sound that they think is horrible. A sound that if you imagined it would never sound the way that it really is.

And that sound is, drumroll, your own voice. It literally is the furthest thing from what you had imagined it to be. Luckily if you have friends, they are used to it, but when you hear it, it always leaves you wondering why, because it’s not my sexy sultry seductive voice that won them over.

I had the wonderful misfortune the other day of recoding my seductive voice and my oh my was I in for a surprise. My ‘sultry’ voice was more like a nasal squeal. There is however only one problem with that. You have to listen to it, not me. The voice I hear in my head is a lot nicer than the real sound.

I think that singers must have a lot of confidence, because I like my voice, but I would not dare go on stage with it. I also think that if everyone had to hear themselves speak the world would be a quieter place. Half the people won’t talk and idols would go out of business.

Could you imagine how the mishaps on idols would feel when they see themselves singing horribly on national TV. Years of therapy won’t be able to cure that. At least it’s entertaining to the rest of us. Can you imagine how Stephen hawking feels. His voice is interchangeable yet he sticks to the same talking tom voice.

If I was him and was in a similar situation I would at least mix it up a bit. One day a surfer, the next a Nigerian ‘business’ man, then a hippie, then a mob boss, then maybe some Barry white and then a French guy. I would make the best of it.

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