Monday, August 22, 2011


Even though I work in the IT industry and most of my friends do too, something I’ve never really gotten into is gaming. You know the typical playing of new games till 3 in the morning because it’s just too awesome and I couldn’t stop.

That is a feeling I have never known, yeah I’ve played some games, I played Diablo and warcraft, a little bit of need for speed and prototype. After trying very hard I still couldn’t get into it, so I get thinking and then it hits me, I’m too much of a jew, and don’t want to give out my jew gold every time a new game appears.

So maybe the best option for me is actually console gaming, because that way I can buy any game and never have to upgrade anything. So off I go and get me an Xbox, because it’s against the grain and easily hack-able, which just appeals to my inner geek.

Very proud of my purchase, I go home and start playing, then I get more games, and then realise it’s not the same as a pc, now it is literally a beautiful white elephant in my lounge. You can’t aim well, your hands hurt after a while, but at least it works on my tv, which makes up a little bit.

In the end I have just decided that I am not a gamer, I’ve tried and tried and tried, and it has not caught me. To all the gamers out there, well done, to the rest of us, lets get busy exercising or something. At least our time will be used productively.

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