Friday, August 26, 2011


In our sick perverted world there are many evils. Many are acted out by whole societies of people who believe they are correct. Some are acted out by individuals but one of the biggest evils in this world is carbs.

Yes I said it. Carbs are the devil. They are one of the biggest causes of deaths in the world. The silent killers of our generation. In the united states alone there are hundreds of thousands of carb related deaths yearly. It is killing people and it should be made public. I cannot stay silent any more.

I think Carbs are so destructive because they are simply so delicious. Any food type that is high in Carbs is ultimately linked on a scale of tastiness and deliciousness. The more Carbs the tastier food is. Then at its peak it even becomes a little bit addictive.

I can see through this pc screen the way you are judging me saying Nah. Well I have proof. Do you know what the Pringles slogan is? Once you pop you just can't stop. Do you know why? Because Pringles are right up there at the top of the scale of Carbs to deliciousness.

Suddenly your eyes have opened! The scale exists and is well known to any evil marketing company that sells these delicious tasting killers. They use it to motivate people to eat it in the first place. They are taking advantage of many young malleable minds that have not had time to build up any resistance to the carbs.

This is an on-going war, it’s bigger than Iraq, or Tripoli, it’s an all-out international war that we the people need to fight against the saturated fats and carbs. Together we stand, united we fall. We shall be victorious in this epic battle between the people and the carb army.

Listen up kids, say NO to carbs.

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