Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dragon ball Z

Maybe the greatest of all TV shows, anime and cartoons ever made. Every kid, baby and adult male loves it, watches it and embraces it. Yes women think it’s stupid, and they don’t like the crazy hair, but that’s just because they don’t understand.

Dbz is more than just a story, it teaches you very valuable life lessons. Lessons that as a child you need to be taught, they create character and build on your personality. These lessons consist of but are not limited to:

*How to scream in public
*Old men that live on their own islands are all perverts
*Green men can be your friend
*Big or small either way you can beat up grown men
*All wrestlers are idiots
*After a work out or epic battle you should eat everything that is in the house
*There will one day be a company called capsule corp and they will develop amazing things
*Girls with blue hair are ok, and should be treated as individuals
*When you get angry your hair changes colour
*Projects ( or Battles with intergalactic aliens ) always take longer than expected
*Everyone has secret hidden power inside of them that gets released when you are at your most angry
*People Can indeed fly
*Clouds are friendly
*Dragons grant wishes, not genies
*The stronger you get, the stronger your new enemies become
*Changing your hair colour from black to blond is as easy as getting angry
*Exotic names attract the ladies (ie Kakarot, Goku, Vegeta, Gohan)
*No man gets left behind

All of these are valuable life lessons and if learned at an early age would make society a lot better, instead of watching romeo and Juliet in school where the hero and his lover die, kids should watch dbz and learn the deeper meanings behind it.

That way capsule corp will come into existence sooner rather than later. And with that I bid you farewell.


  1. This anime is more than a typical battle anime, because it is both love and unity to help children learn.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more King

  3. LOL! I think it's all about persistence. Just look at how the episodes are worked out! It almost averages 5-6 shows per villain!

  4. Well if persistence was the goal then they achieved it, every episode was them persisting to kill some enemy, and then as he dies, 1 for recuperating and then a new stronger enemy appears.