Monday, July 18, 2011


The best two days of the week, meant for relaxation and time off from work. A noble and grand gesture but somehow it got entangled with another idea. Weekends, a time for getting everything done that you didn't have time for in the week.

It's Monday morning and I feel terrible. I had a super weekend, had friend from my hometown visit me, ate out on Friday. Then we went shopping on Saturday, visited with a bunch of friends Saturday night. Then Sunday I just lay at home trying to do as little as possible for the longest amount of time.

Seemingly relaxing but this morning when I had to try and pry my head from my pillow followed by a limp body from my bed I realised that I really wished I could sleep more. It was as if the Monday morning fairies kept pushing me back into bed telling me it's ok to snooze one more time.

Problem is though, that snoozing is very similar to Pringles. Once you pop you just can't stop. I snoozed once, five minutes later the alarm sounded again and I was like, Ah 5 minutes won't make a difference. And again, and again and again, until eventually it's half an hour later. Now you have to get up and rush to get everything done.

There is one thing that motivates me, at work we have this beautiful black box of mystery. You put coffee beans in the top, push a button in the middle and then it whispers out the sweetest words in a liquid form similar to that of angel tears, perfectly brewed, freshly ground, graciously heated and then poured into a cup.

Coffee in the morning. Without it life would just be that much more difficult. Mornings would not be accepted as easily, and waking up would only happen at 11, if you are lucky.

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