Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sunday afternoon drive

Not really something that is known in our generation but in the old days this was a very common thing. A family would go to church, then go home and eat a big Sunday afternoon lunch with lots of food and dessert and then before the afternoon nap they would go out and do a drive.

Probably because cars had just become affordable and they would look for any excuse to go driving around. Then they would drive to the all fancy neighbourhood's in town and drive through them slowly, admiring the views, the large houses with big front lawns and white picket fences.

They would do this for hours, the kids would be amazed at the big play areas and the folks would envious of the lavish lifestyles. But this tradition has faded away and is hardly practiced by anyone anymore, except when the timing is most inappropriate.

Some people do the Sunday afternoon drives but not on Sunday afternoons, no that would be too convenient. They do it when you have somewhere to be, and even more so when you are late for your appointment. Driving to work, the robot is green up ahead and I'm behind a new shape Mercedes Benz.

All of a sudden the women in the Merc stops using her petrol pedal and starts slowing down for a robot that just went green. She eventually gets down to a speed that is so slow that if I was disabled and had no legs and I stopped the car, undid a 5 point safety harness, waited for a mechanical arm to bring down my wheelchair, made a cup of coffee, then got on the wheelchair, and then only used one hand to move myself forward while I drink my coffee I would still get the robot before her. 

Why are you on the road if you could walk faster than what you are driving! Move over slow poke, I want to do 60 in the 60 zone. That number is not an indication it's a challenge! See how quickly you can get there! Not ‘do any speed Less than this’.

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