Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Striking workers

Right so I'm in a professional, skilled job where I work every day for eight or more hours and I get an increase every year. That increase varies and has been as low as three percent in the recession. Yet the news is full of stories about people that are striking for better salaries.

Firstly, striking is legal in south Africa, even though it shouldn't be, it's a barbaric act where thousands of workers take to the streets, they dance and chant and destroy everything in their path! Once the people that ride away the trash were striking, in their anger they overturned rubbish bins and broke trash cans. When they started working again they had to clean up which included picking up all the rubbish that they threw out.

Secondly, they are mostly unskilled labour and now they are asking for ridiculous amounts for their increase. Some unions ( the people that manage the strikes, and 'protect' employees ) even wanted an eight percent increase and a living allowance.

For goodness sake I don't even get a living allowance. People should just learn to start working to get things instead of just expecting it to come to you because you dance in the streets. You cause harm to the economy as a whole because you think you have the right to something which you didn't earn.

How can they expect to get an increase two of three times more than CPI, for a job that hardly contributes to it.

Why should you get special treatment? Why do you qualify for a major increase when your work was average at best? You have to outshine and outwit your competition. Make a difference in your company and you will be noticed. If you just demand it they will have no regrets when they fire your lazy ass.

Stop being such a 'the world owes me this' person and become an 'I worked hard to get where I am' person. It's much more rewarding.

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