Monday, July 25, 2011


I have titled this post as sour which is to describe many people in my life at the moment. I'm going to write a haiku about them.

Sour is what you are
My parking’s better than yours
Get over it already

Ok so as you can deduce from that, my neighbour is quite sour that he didn't get my parking that was assigned when they were painting numbers on the floor. Now he keeps on complaining about my parking. And he likes to do this at the worst possible times.

8 o clock at night I heard him banging on the door. Then the next day during my afternoon nap again. It's almost as if he is doing it on purpose. It's not going to change, you lost. Then secondly someone has posted comments on the blog, he/she seems very disgruntled and thinks that name calling will help them feel better. Shame.

So in my true style of being upfront, I shall include them with replies for your viewing pleasure.   
Right so in the post about when do you become an adult, this very brave anonymous person said:

“Kid's it's not oK to be queer, no matter how they make it sound, rather be yourself, without being influenced by undisciplined individuals whom have no respect for elders or themselves. Rather get hooked on drugs than follow a queer with no capability of rehabilitation. Not that I would recommend that drugs is the way out , unless u are f***ed up like a gay den ass.”


“So why does the author talk to the Kids, pedophile???????”

Well now, isn’t this very brave, an anonymous poster being an internet white knight, too sad you are a tad illiterate, and that you have to use crude language to get your point across. If you had read the article you would notice that name calling doesn’t affect me, in any way, so either you cannot read or you are incapable of grasping adult like concepts which coupled with your horrendous spelling would not surprise me.
And no, I’m not a pedophile, it actually disgusts me, which you would know if you read this article.
Then on the post about inconsiderate smokers inconsiderate smokers  they said : (again anonymously):

“You said no judgement!!! So for u being a queer and don't enjoy the recreation of smoking tobacco or other substances like ass hair compacted into tight roll, would be detrimental to your health so we, would recommend that u stop f*****g men, and stop objecting towards people or gaydians smoking and blowing smoke around”

Again with the name calling, I refer to my previous comment, also you seem very obsessed with mens sexuality, if you refer to this post , you will see I love being a man, who loves women. And as always your spelling and sentence composition is horrible. Maybe you should explore the possibility that you need to go back to school, which is where your petty attitude belongs.

Then lastly I found this one on the follow up of being a fatty, all these comments were made quite quickly one after the other, so I’m assuming it’s the same person, or group of illiterates.

“hahahaha f***n ha , wanneer gaan ons saam n bok skiet, miskien kan ek meer k*k praat as jy.Gayden my gatgabba. Jy weet mos bok skiet beteken blowjob”

If you don’t understand this language, don’t worry, all this person says is he wants to go on a trip where we give each other blowjobs, or at least that’s how it seems, it is very poorly constructed. I don’t even think retaliation is needed, the sentence itself is retaliation enough.

I have removed the swearwords, because I believe it is distasteful and unnecessary. Now please if you hate my blog so much, Leave.


  1. I really wonder why people like this read your blog. Are they entertained by making rude and immature comments? They keep accusing you of doing things, when in fact, they do exactly the same. These people must really have some grudge against you. Such a shame that they won't earn up to what's said and that they take the time to go through all your blogs just to write tasteless comments. Do they not have lives of their own or are you really THAT important to them!

    Luckily, you can handle criticism and you are a little more mature than what they appear to be. Keep up the awesome blog. It’s entertaining and always written in a straightforward honest way. And even though I don’t always agree to what you say, I know it’s your opinion on your blog and it doesn’t bother me. Maybe those criticizing jerks should learn to take that into consideration before ranting off on your blog about what you say!

    Cheers man! I love your blog!

  2. Hey man, love your blog. It's great that you talk so much shit and anonymousely comment on it, your a great hipocrite.
    stay gay

    cheers man

  3. Ah, how cute, someone still doesn't know the difference between your and you're. Not only that but you can't spell anonymously or hypocrite either. Instead of focusing on my blog which you so obviously hate, go back to school, and learn to spell.
    The Author