Monday, July 4, 2011


With digital cameras being the norm in society, and a lack of “cost per picture” ( like in the old days where every photo you took had to be planned and then carefully taken because you would pay for every photo that you took ), photos have become a thing that is very much over used. Oh look a new baby is born, click. Oh look my friends new hairdo, click, Oh look, animals at the zoo, click.

Oh look, a birthday party, click. Oh look Blue skies, click. Oh look, a cat in a box, click. Oh look, hair on the couch, click. Oh look, some random guy at a bar, click. Some of those are valid photo moments, others not so much, and it used to irritate me to immeasurable ends, and then one day I had a look at some of the photos from way back, and then all of a sudden, nostalgia!

Then I found myself thinking I wish I had taken more photos so I could remember better. Geez at the time that it happened I thought I will never forget this moment; it is the best thing that could ever happen. Three months later I had already forgotten, until photo day.

I know it's irritating when you are visiting and it's just click, flash, blind, in that order, but it is really just a temporary sacrifice for something that will remind you, when your memories aren't so good anymore. What did some famous person say? Something along the lines of:

“Because in the end all you have are your memories.”

Well I think it was someone famous, if it wasn't I now claim that as my own. Anyway, so next time that happy snappy person is taking photos, try to fight the urge to strangle him or her and think about being an old person with lots of photo frames and photos to remember all best times with your best friends.

Nostalgia post, done.    

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