Friday, July 22, 2011

My sneaky bank

Many years ago I switched over to my current bank because they provided me the best deal and I am a frugal man. I have not really ever had any issues with them as a bank but have noticed many sneaky things that they do.

The Name has been changed to protect the bank

I know it's because they basically manage my money but what I've been doing recently is moving my money into investment accounts so that I can earn interest and leave only my spending money in my account. Some months I then spend too much and my balance approaches 0.

Which doesn't really bother me, but my bank doesn't seem to like it. When you get to a balance of 200 they start sms’ing me saying that my bank balance is low, kind of like they think I didn't know I have no money. They feel they need to remind me, so I laughed it off and went on.

This is where the sneaky comes in. A few days later I get some mail from my bank. Yes because I am a valued client they are offering me a personal loan. They flagged me as a poor sod and then want to lend me money at exuberant rates.

What a bunch of sneaky back handed sob's. Anyway I have now gotten 3 letters; I don't think they understand I don't want a loan Or maybe they think repetition is key. I don't know. I just know that they capitalize on people’s misfortune and bury people in debt.

It really is a tough world, and if you have on street smarts you are going down. On a lighter note, did you know that there are no American actors in harry potter.

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