Friday, July 15, 2011

Life force

In any movie that has a super natural theme you will always hear talk of someone's life force. Sometimes it's an evil villain that can drain your life force and kill you or a hero that can rejuvenate life force, and heal people by using his own.

Or however those story lines go. So the other day while signing up for some life insurance I heard the lady mutter the words 'they will need to do a medical' which didn't scare me off too much. Until the day before yesterday when they phoned and said they need to arrange a time and place.

I easily agreed and then she was telling me what I can expect “Height, weight and blood pressure, as well as urinating on a stick, oh and she will need to take some blood.” I could feel the spit in my mouth become thick, the air became difficult to inhale and time seemingly stood still!

I said “Pardon, could you please repeat that last part?” Now let me explain. I hate needles, but I can live knowing they are around as long as they aren't inside of me. Their sole purpose is to remove blood, it's the thing that keeps you alive! It's the real life equivalent of life force. It's a huge commitment to give away my life force.

Everyone knows I value my Jew gold, but I value my life force even more than that! Anyway yesterday this sweet old nurse came over to my house, tried to make me feel at ease and then asked a few questions, made some measurements, took some stats and then out of her magic bag of pain she pulled out two vials and a needle.

You know those blackout spots you see just before you faint. I could almost feel them. Then she moves in closer to make a withdrawal from the life force bank of Aiden, and then it happened, no pain, it really was just a little prick and it was all over. 

Yes that is my amazing Bicep and the unedited graphic image of the needle penetrating my skin!

Geez I can get hyped up about nothing. 


  1. I almost puked again... I didn't look at the pic, but I wanted to read... Didn't make it past the 4th paragraph though...