Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let it not snow

I know I live in a country where snow is not the norm, and when it does it's never really snow, it's more like sleet or ice rain, but for once a white winter would be a nice to have.

I know playing in the snow is really cold and most of your extremities feel like they are about to fall off, but it's the most fun you will have in a long time with something that nature provides. Building the perfect snowman or one that is less perfect but is really large, you know, quantity over quality.

Or forming a large arsenal of snow grenades to hurl at your enemies. Building a fort to protect you from their grenades, and shivering through all of it. Or if you are in a mountainous area then you could just dust off the old ski's and head for the hills.

Even better you could whip out the old snowboard and use that. How much fun, all the excitement of skateboarding without the immense pain of falling. Like falling onto a pillow of marshmallow and baby powder, which wants to caress you when you fall.

On the other hand I suppose it would be a nuisance to have to put chains on my car tyres and scrape the windscreen. And who in our country would clean the roads. They would do it for two weeks and then start striking for more money and you would end up doing it yourself with a massive make shift ice scraper.

Actually I'm glad it doesn't snow here. I'd rather go somewhere where it does and not have the hassle.

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