Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's my birthday

Well tomorrow is, so today is my last day of being twenty five and I will be closing another chapter in the Book of Aiden. It has been quite an exciting chapter.

I changed jobs and moved to the big bad city from a farm town. All major life choices but none that I regret. I made new friends and connected with some old ones. And that's enough of the soppy stuff. Now to the fun stuff. For my birth-week celebrations many things will be happening.

Activities include gambling, going up into the air really high in a helium balloon, movie's, going to the driving range and smashing the balls in a true happy gilmore fashion, go carting in a bumper car fashion and lots of eating.

I'm super excited and most of my close friends will be attending. Even though I love gifts, having my friends with me is an awesome gift already. Please Note that I am saying this only a day before hand so that it's too late for them to not buy me gifts and use this as an excuse.

Ok so there will be no posts from me until Monday, or will there? This is me, Aiden, signing off as a 25 year old.

Now congratulate me in the comments... 


  1. congrats dude, all the best been nice having u in the big bad city u make the office a interesting place

  2. Congratulations (cos you told me to)

  3. Congrats, Aiden!What a nice post! :)

  4. Enjoy every part of it. Love you lots and lots my boyfriend. -hehe. Micha

  5. thanks Jono, D-jan, Leti and Mich