Friday, July 8, 2011


Oh my, is the general expression when you see one of these freaks of nature out in the wild. By nature I mean our current society and by nature I mean the mall. This apparent new brand of hippies really are something to write home about.

Except if you are dating one, then the atrocity should never be mentioned. If you are totally lost when i say hipster then let me try and explain it. Imagine life in the 60's. Crazy music, rebellion, weed and tie-dye had just been discovered by youngsters. Now imagine someone with those qualities.

Then imagine the 70's where all the hippies had long hair and moustache’s from the 60's, but now listen to rock n roll. Add those characteristics to your imagined 60's guy. Now the 80's where techno music rave's and shiny clothes were the norm. Add that to 60's guy.

Then add some 90's depression and sadness to the mix, along with more will to fight the system. Then add some horrendous 00's emo, scene, sad, 'I cut myself because the world doesn't like me, because the music I listen to is too alternative and out of the mainstream and I love skinny jeans' attitude, and then the culmination of all of that is what hipsters are trying to accomplish.

If in your mind you have a picture of a guy with shiny shoes, tight skinny red jeans, a tie-dye shirt which used to contain a photo of ‘che’ and long Frizzy hair with bad hygiene and blood shot eyes then you would be mostly correct.

This current brand of kids, is one that should be shot, on site, without prior warning. Either that or just cut off their source of power, much like Sampson their power lies in their hair. Take a long sharp scissor or katana blade to it and watch the hipsterness crumble.

For the good of all mankind, carry your blade, and cut off a hipster.

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