Thursday, July 7, 2011

Growing up

Being an adult always looked appealing as a kid. You start thinking I wish I had one of those, I wish I was a grown up. From a young age all you see are people with nice clothes, new cars, the latest cellphones, new computers, new gadgets and much other stuff of which you are extremely jealous.

Then you start earning your own money and start acquiring these things all on your own. Life is cool because you have a car, and a new phone, but what they don't tell you is all the crap that comes with being an adult. Bills, social responsibility, more bills, religion, weddings, funerals, more bills, repayments, work, no holidays and insurance.

Did you know that sars ( south African ripoff service ) takes up to 45 percent of your salary and your hard earned bonus. That's right. Then the car and home insurance comes off, and the car payment, and the rent, and the cellphone bill. Then you have to still buy food and clothes.

Yes kids, you have to buy those yourself. And then you have to put fuel in the car you are still paying off. It's a never ending cycle of debt. But after all this negativity, at the end of the month I still know, that's my car, my house, my clothes and my stuff.

Did you know you have to earn leave, at a standard of 1.25 days a month, which means if you work for a whole year, you can take 15 days leave? Nope it’s not something that happens every three months.

Also did you know that you have to pay an obscene amount of money for insurance for your car, insurance for your house, insurance for your death, insurance for your debt, insurance for your retirement, insurance for your health, yup, they all cost obscene amounts of money and is something you might never use, well except the death insurance of course.

So it's not all bad. You do have to start 'growing up', whatever that means and start looking for a wife( a permanent sandwich making machine ), so that you can settle and have kids. And you have to start looking after your parents because by the time you can start relying on just yourself that's when they need you again.

Adulthood isn't all fun and games like it looks from a kid's perspective, but after all the debt, it sure is exciting.

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