Tuesday, July 19, 2011


“My life without you is worthless.” A status that everybody has seen on Facebook. Everybody on Facebook has got a friend list that contains a few generics, that are different people to everyone but essentially are the same type of booker.

There is the “I wish I could kill myself” booker which is described above. He is joined by “racist joker “ booker, which is self-explanatory. Then there is “vent my anger in public” booker or also commonly referred to as the “airing dirty laundry in public” booker.

You will also have in your arsenal of friends an annoying “we share an inside joke” booker who tells part of the joke and then thinks only him and person b can figure it out.” We say fake things to each other to appear more in love than we really are but at least we think we are fooling the world” bookers are also quite a common occurrence lately, especially if you are friends with both parties then this type of booker is extra annoying.

Geez I can actually identify so many that it'll probably be easier to list them:

I take all statuses as personal attacks on me booker
I know How to type swear words booker
The frantic status liker booker
I am an independent woman and men can't do anything about it booker
I'm trying to convince everyone that i have nice things booker
I think everyone should join this cause booker
I only promote my own website booker ( I know I’m very much in this category )
I'm better than everyone else booker
I can't spell booker
I love Facebook games and so should you booker
Gullible booker (those that click the see who views your profile link which is actually a virus)
I like your status so I will copy it booker
I have something for sale booker
I write up every second of my life booker
I’m a vegetarian and I hate all meat eaters booker
I have a boyfriend now so I’m deleting all my male friends’ booker
The rage booker
I put things on every bodies walls so that they can see what I've been doing

Then in last and first place all at the same time, the most annoying of all the booker types is the one that attacks you personally and then deletes you once you retaliate with witty comebacks. All of these are the culmination of many different personality types that have found strength in the fact that they think they can say whatever they want with no repercussions in the real world.

At least all of this does keep life very interesting to say the least. What type of booker are you?


  1. nice. I think i qualify as a lurker booker.

  2. yes that would be correct - you, good sir, are indeed a lurker