Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Do you really know

Last night I was out drinking with a few friends and I think we might of had a few too many, because this morning I woke up in some dude's apartment, with a major hangover. I feel like I've been hit by a bus.

Do you really feel like you've been hit by a bus? How does that feel? Oh you are still alive? Then I doubt it. How would you know how that feels? Don't you think being hit by a bus might be a bit more painful than a hangover? Don't you think you'd have a few more broken bones and bruises?

We were all heading out one night to this new eating joint in the north, it was very posh, fancy and la-di-Da. We all felt a little under-dressed but we decided to eat there anyway, bad thing is that the food tasted like crap.
Oh really, like crap you say, now explain to me how crap tastes, and how do you know? Have you eaten crap? Not? Then how can you compare the two? That's like saying navigating a spaceship is like eating a pear. You can't compare them because you don't know!

Same goes for “he is a God amongst men!” No he isn’t, your overinflated sense of his skills or appearance doesn't make him better than the rest. Same as she is a diva. Nope she isn't. Voice of an angel? I don't think so. Cute as a button. I can honestly say that I've never looked down at my shirt and though “Wow what a cute button!”

Easy as pie. Right, have you ever baked one? If not then stop saying it, if you have then you would probably not think it’s that easy, and lastly, you cannot kill something dead. Think about what you are saying!
You should have a brain to mouth filter attached at all times. It would be very much to your benefit.

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