Friday, July 1, 2011

Crying and pms

Skills that are taught to all women at a very young age. ' now you listen here Suzie, momma is only gonna say this here one time, you need to learn to cry on demand and you need to be able to count to 28' to which Suzie replied 'But why momma?', ' Because the two most important tools a woman can have is emotional blackmail and pms, those will disable any man’s defences!'

I can only imagine that that’s how that conversation goes, because it seems to be something instilled into all women that if they don't get their way then they either cry about it, or get mad and blame it on pms and in some very unique situations even both!

This was until men started figuring it out. We know what you are up to with your fiendish manipulative ways and mostly we don't say anything just to let you feel that you are in power, but we know. You don't always have to play that game though.

Like I have said many times before, men are simple, we don't want hint's and nudge's, just tell us straight up what you want, We appreciate it more and then We can explain to you why our way is always better.
There aren’t many things that can irritate us as much as women using crying as blackmail, eventually we really don’t believe you when you cry anymore. Do you remember the story of the boy that cried wolf, well you are like that boy every time you use your “age-old” technique on us.

Just use the mouth you were given to say things as they are, not hint towards something, or cry till you get it. Please for the love of all mankind, stop it. Oh and by the way, pms isn’t an excuse to be mad 24 days in a month, that excuse gets old too.

P.S. I put "pms" in lowercase because if it was in Caps I would acknowledge its existence, which I don't.


  1. Do some women use PMS as an excuse bad behavior? Sure. Do all? No. Not believing in PMS is amazingly ignorant. Hormones changes have a large effect on mood.
    Educate yourself.

  2. For someone that is so convinced on the topic, you were awfully brave to remain anonymous. Men have hormonal changes too, everyone goes through life cycles, we just don't use it as a excuse to get what we want.

    Why do you feel that women should be entitled to PMS, and be treated different because of it, and then in the same breath fight for gender equality.

    You can't have it both ways.

  3. Its just ignorance on his part, not very educated in topics of the brain. He needs to go back to school and learn about the human body. Or at least Google it before you write a comment like that. You sound like an uneducated teenager.