Thursday, June 30, 2011

Your moral compass

On your inside, apparently there is a moral compass which gets built from the way you are raised and decisions that you have made throughout your tiny life. Most of the time these decisions aren't even the life altering ones, it's the ones where you think 'I'll just try it once'.

You don't know it at that stage but that decision builds on your moral compass. So what this compass does is determines how you will react to certain things in life. Like if someone says lets go push that nerd around, depending on your moral compass you will decide on what you are going to do.

If for instance your moral compass is totally stuffed you will probably agree without hesitation. If it is still forming and you want to impress other people then you would hesitate but might end up doing it. It also applies to people kicking hobo's, picking fights with everyone and general meat heads.

You often find that uneducated people's moral compass points very south when yours points north. They will hurt people to get what they want, where you would be a bit more complacent and understanding. They will break things and make extra work for themselves just because they can, it's stupid but it is how they have been raised and formed.

You then also get sexual predators. All guys think an eighteen wear old girl still in school is hot. Some older men will just say Wow she is pretty but others will abduct and abuse them. They could come out of the same family but because of life choices and the way their “compass” works the one will not see anything wrong with abducting her.

This just proves that society is rough and everybody is different but that you should not trust anyone because you do not know how far they will go. Stay vigilant and if someone asks you to smell a rag...don't.

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