Friday, June 17, 2011

What If Week - Day4 - Endless Money

What if money was no object? How simple would life be if you were rich? If I was rich I would sleep late every morning. I would live in a huge house and I would have people working for me. Fresh coffee every morning, in bed, no questions or complaints.

I would buy up property and have people manage it for me. I would share the wealth with my close friends. Geez I would have so many cars I wouldn't know what to do with them all. I would go on extended holidays in foreign countries and explore the world.

Life would be so much simpler. I would get stuck in traffic on purpose so that I can just laze around in my car. I would race it on a track. I would have my own helicopter, just because I can. I might even buy my own island. 

But it wouldn't all be about me. I would do my fair share for the community. I would invest money for them, let it grow and let them keep the spoils. I wouldn't be stingy to tip people, and I would give where I can. 

But I think what would get to me is people that expect you to give because you have money. I worked hard you should too. But back to what if. I would eat out as much as possible and have a personal trainer to work off all the bad eating. I would buy myself so many gadgets and toys and things that make grown men happy.

I would buy a plane, and a chopper, and my own high rise building. Then I would take a chopper to the top of my building and then I would base jump off of it. Just because it's mine and I can. I would get my favourite band to come and perform to me live in my living room.

Life would be a lot simpler. People always say that life is tougher for rich people but I don't know. I think that's just the way a poor guy justifies it to himself. Money wouldn't be my defining factor, but it would be convenient .

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