Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What If Week - Day2 - Women ruling the world?

Ok so today's topic is probably going to get me into some kind of trouble, but that's Ok. So what if women ruled the world. Things would be very different from the way they are now. Firstly if I had to imagine it I get really scared.

There would be 21 working days and then a 7 day weekend. Just so that everyone could be at home when 'the thunder strikes.’ Then the automotive industry would be focused on building cars that release flower smelling fumes instead of building faster and better.

Cars would come standard in pink and it would be every country's national colour. Either pink or some shades thereof, like salmon or cerise. There would be no urinals, only toilets where women get preference if there is a queue at their bathroom.

Malls would consist of shoe shops, clothes shops and no-fat take away food. Traffic robots would not consist of red orange and green but the words stop and go, because who knows what those lights mean anyway. And I assume that if women ruled the world they would have found a way to get men pregnant and give birth so that they don't have to.

They would also have found a way to make men's ears larger so that they listen better and a plug that shocks a man every time he lets one rip. Parking spaces would also change, they would be double the size they are now, that and women would have the technology made for cars to park themselves.

All that being said, I think that the world would smell a lot nicer, and wars would be fought by withholding the new ‘Marc Laurent’ shoes from a country, which would be less violent. Women are evil, manipulative and very good at emotional blackmail. That’s probably why we like them so much.

So women, we love you but you can't run the world. You are too emotional and unstable, but without you there would be no strong men, and by that I mean that if you weren’t here we, the strong ones, couldn’t have babies. The symbiotic relationship we have now is good, stop pushing your luck.

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