Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Polo GTI.

Right so I won a competition where I got to drive the new PoloGTi for a night, take a date out and impress her with the car, and then see if the car increased my chances with getting lucky. So last night I went and picked up my Date, went and had supper and took her home. But enough about the logistics of the evening let me get to the part that I really want to talk about.

The Car – I’m honest in saying that I’m not the biggest VW fan, not even in the slightest, I actually despised them for making the Citi Golf for so long, it is the greatest attraction to common people, who pimp it out with tv’s, exhausts, big wheels and ‘fast&furious’ bumpers.

However, they discontinued that and won back a little bit of faith. Then last night I picked up the new Polo, and was blown away. It’s basically fully spec’ed and the extras include a sunroof. So it has the cruise control, seat heaters, awesome sound, electric windows and mirrors and really only lacks Xenon headlights.

But, this lack is kind of made up for by the gearbox; it’s a 7 speed DSG, which in laymans terms means ‘very fast automatic’ gearbox. Ok so I get to the pick-up point, they hook me up to a heart rate monitor, and give me a cell phone to ‘tweet’ with the whole night.

So I get in and pull away, and I’m still being gentle, then I give it some stick, try to change gears, and then it almost ripped my face off. I forgot it’s ‘automatic’ and stepped on the brake like you would a clutch. This planted the front tires into the road and added 10 years of ageing to my Face!

Ok, yes, over dramatic, but really, its quick and it can back it up. So it took some getting used too, and eventually you do, and then you embrace it, its automatic when in traffic, and manual when you want to make it go faster.

Fuel Economy is simply stupendous. It is like the car is running on air. I did 250km, and only used a quarter tank of fuel. which might be acceptable in some cars, but I was not driving like a slouch. I was gunning it most of the night (which did not impress my date).

And then there’s the sound of the engine. A 1.4L should not sound like that car does, and neither should it do what that car does, yet it does it so effortlessly. If you were looking at buying one, stop looking and just do it. Definitely worth it, and you won’t be disappointed, and that is my official take on it after driving it for one night.

Oh but if you get a girl because of a car, she is probably shallow, and next time when you show up in your own crappy car, that is going to be the end of it. Just my 2c, use it don’t use it.

P.S. My date looked beautiful just in case anyone wondered.

P.S.S. Thanks to VWSA for the car

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