Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The plastics

The cool girls, the girls that like to believe the world revolves around them, their likes, dislikes and apparent needs. They most commonly live off of rich daddy's money who is too scared to say anything about her exuberant spending and bratish ways in fear that he might just upset his little princess.

Yes darling of course you can have a sweet sixteen birthday party on which I will spend hundreds of thousands of my hard earned JewGold. And yes I will buy you a car that you aren't allowed to drive yet. Sure you can have a credit card. While we are at it why don't We just link it to daddy's account.

Have parents become so soft and squishy that they cannot control their own kids. Have they forgotten how to say no because the child is going to throw a tantrum. Tough love, in the sense of you work for what you get, and I'm the parent you will listen to me is what should be enforced yet what happens is parents who want to fluffify everything.

Sure my darling, anything you say sweetheart. No. We need to fight this soft parenting. Punishment is not the amazing answer. Making your kid have a time out isn't the answer. Kids should get hiding's. Not beatings but hiding's. They should know that if they mess up there will be consequences.

No, going to your room is not a consequence, it's not punishment, it’s bad parenting. Give them a hiding and then punish them. That will teach them. None of this hypocritical bull about passive parenting and fighting for affection is working.

It's the only way we are going to change the current 'no respect, no worry, no consequence, squandering' generation to become respecting adults again. 

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