Wednesday, June 29, 2011


A game of whit and skill; Buy up as much property as you can in the beginning and it'll pay off in the end. All the other Players will be paying you round after round for their stay in your very luxurious red hotel. And the cash will keep on rolling in.

Except I'm not actually talking about the game, in real life monopoly exists as a company which owns the whole of a certain market, where they can do whatever they want, charge whatever they want and get away with it. And there is nothing that you as average Joe can do about it.

For instance, telecommunications in South Africa are ruled by an evil tyrant who squeezes the last cent out of every subscriber that they have yet they provide a very mediocre to bad service. Adsl lines are always down; take 6 weeks to install etc.

All they want is money for doing as little as possible. Also our electricity provider. The only one of its kind in South Africa. Meaning if they feel like charging exuberant prices and cutting off power then that is what they do. Rolling blackouts is what they call it. Save power is their main drive yet at night when you drive part their offices all the lights are on but nobody is home.

Much like their employees when you have to query something. I phoned them and queried my power, which they said they would have a look into, and that their turnaround time is a month. A whole month to query my power. By the time I can actually check it again I have no idea who I spoke to.

If only our land had a bit of competition for the big corporate's that have monopolized the market then maybe us average folk might not have to be on the suffering end of the monopoly stick.     

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